Sexual abuse and sexual assault are relatively common at schools. Recently, the Park School and the Nichols School have been investigated for documented sexual abuse of some of their students. Just as with public schools, these institutions have an absolute duty to protect their students. While they have a duty to monitor and supervise the teachers that walk their halls, there is much failure to live up to to legal and societal standards
Sexual assault on college campuses is no longer a hushed up secret. One in five women is victimized by sexual assault during her time in college. These incidents frequently occur at college parties where victims have been weakened or incapacitated by alcohol or “date rape” drugs. Some fraternities carry reputations for rampant sexual assault. Many throw wild parties in campus housing in violation of alcohol and drug policies. Lack of proper supervision is usually blamed when a college’s fraternity culture is allowed to spin out of control. Regardless, if the college or university fails to take corrective action when they are aware of the behaviors, they can be liable for failing to protect their students as well.
Schools and institutions of higher learning should be safest places for our children. Sexual violence in these environments especially is an unspeakable betrayal of parental trust. If you or your child has been the victim of a sexual predator at a school or of sexual assault on a college campus, get in touch with us. We can advise you of your rights and your options.