Construction Worker under Labor Law Recovers $3.5 Million

Labor Law Settlement of $3.5 Million

Construction Worker under Labor Law Recovers $3.5 Million

Construction Worker under Labor Law Recovers $3.5 Million

A former welder who suffered brain damage when he was overcome by carbon monoxide fumes while working at the Bethlehem Steel plant in Lackawanna received a guaranteed minimum payment of $3.5 million in a court case just settled.
J. Michael Hayes said the cost of the settlement will be shared by the Bethlehem Steel Corp., Quackenbush Co. Inc. of Buffalo, a general contracting firm, and Mine Safety Appliances Co. Inc. of Pittsburgh.
The plaintiff was found unconscious by fellow workers.
Under the settlement the worker receives an initial cash payment of $550,000 and guaranteed monthly payments over the next 30 years to himself and his heirs of at least an additional $3 million.
Should he live past the 30-year guaranteed-payment period under the settlement,  he will continue to receive monthly payments until death which could total another $1 million.
Bethlehem and the Quackenbush concern were sued for failing to provide adequate safety precautions.

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