The Sunshine Policy

View Your Entire File Anytime And Anywhere

The Sunshine Policy

At J. Michael Hayes law firm, we value open communication and our goal is to make progress of the case work as transparent as possible for our clients. That’s why we provide The Sunshine Policy which allows you to view your case materials anytime and anywhere.

If you are presently working with us, feel free to enter the password you selected on the site we indicated and review your entire file. All letters and correspondence we sent out are in the “Correspondence” file. Legal papers and official filings with the Court are in “Pleadings”. The “Status” file provides an overview and our informal summary. You are free to review all of this at any time, night or day.

Feel free to check your file as often as you like. If anything needs to be supplemented or corrected, make sure that you tell us as soon as possible.

If you have questions regarding anything you find or see, feel free to call us at 716-852-1111.
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