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Truck & Semi-Truck Trailers

Truck & Semi-Truck Trailers

The J. Michael Hayes Law Firm has extensive experience in personal injury claims involving trucks and semi-truck trailers. In fact, J. Michael Hayes is a noted expert in this area of personal injury law as an author of books on motor vehicle, truck and motorcycle accidents. He also teaches a course on motor vehicle accidents at the University at Buffalo Law School.

Personal injury cases involving trucks and tractor-trailers can be more complex than motor vehicle accidents in that they often involve out-of-state corporations, can be more severe in terms of injuries, and in many cases, are brought in Federal District Court rather than State Court.

Because of these complexities, it is critical to work with a law firm that understands the implications of these factors and that has experience at the Federal Court level. At J. Michael Hayes, we are very familiar with these factors and we are experienced with the practices and demands of the Federal Court system as well as state court. This allows us to fight as aggressively on your behalf to help you win your case.

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