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Consult with a Dual Board Certified Civil Trial Specialist and the Author of Books on Motor Vehicle, Truck, Motorcycle Accidents, Defective Motorcycle Tires and Whistleblower suits.

This Firm is dedicated to providing for the immediate needs of accident victims and provides a level legal representation backed up by Board Certification.    The Firm and Mr. Hayes are committed to the principle that a victim is entitled to receive full compensation for his injuries, even if it means taking the case to Court and Trial. This practice is restricted to personal injury litigation on behalf of Plaintiffs.
Mr. Hayes is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Buffalo School of Law, the Author of Treatises, Books and Bar Journal Articles on Motor Vehicle Accidents.  He Specializes in Automobile Accidents, Truck Accidents, Semi-Tractor Trailer Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents including defective motorcycle tires and Personal Injury Accidents including Dog Bites, Labor Law, Construction and Scaffold Accidents Slip and Fall, Snow and Ice Accidents and Wrongful Death cases. He is also bring cases against the High Fructose Corn Syrup manufacturers for contributing to type 2 diabetes in young
Mr. Hayes has written and lectured on the issue of personal injury generally for years and extensively on the issues of Subrogation, Liens Medicare and Medicaid medical expense recovery.  His materials, publications and lecturesare relied upon and referred to by the legal community.  
He recently litigated and won a Landmark case on Board Certification as a Trial Specialist in the Second Circuit in New York, 672 F3d 158 (2nd Cir. 2012). His victory now permits consumers to make an informed choice about the objective qualifications of his or her attorney and permits victims to know whether their attorney meets those stringent standards.
The Firm's record of success speaks for itself and is known through out the legal and insurance communities.  Each case is researched and evaluated on its own strengths and weaknesses. You will meet in the hospital or in your home if necessary when you are ready. You are a person first and foremost.  You will receive consideration from us both as an individual and a victim as some of our client have attested.  "You met with me on a dismal Saturday morning...I was gave me direction...your simple compassionate response - one human to another".     

J Your case will be handled professionally and responsively.  No case is ever settled unless the resolution is fair and reasonable considering all the circumstances.  Your are kept fully apprised throughout the case and can even look at your entire file on line anytime, any where!  If your case cannot be settled for an acceptable amount, we are trained, well equipped and prepared to take your case to Trial.  Medicare "liens" are resolved promptly with minimal repayments to the government as are Medicaid "liens."  We look forward to oorking with you.  Please feel free to explore this site, make comments or ask any questions. J. Michael Hayes   Please feel free to email me at

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"Liens and Ethics: Are They Compatible?" by J. Michael Hayes

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"Subrogation Rights of Health Care Providers" by J. Michael Hayes

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Resolving "Liens" in Personal Injury Settlements by J. Michael Hayes

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"A New Fontier- Workers' Compensation As Subrogation"  by J. Michael Hayes

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"Medicare and Medicaid Rights of Reimbursement" by J. Michael Hayes

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"Subrogation Rights Of Health Care Providers" by J. Michael Hayes

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spousal protections

Spousal Protections

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j michael hayesJ. Michael Hayes was among the first trial lawyers in New York State to obtain a verdict under the Social Host statute, GOL 11-100.
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does your child have Type 2 Diabetes


The NBTA and the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification is the only nationally recognized body that certifies attorneys as Civil PreTrial and Trial Specialists. The NBTA program is considered to be the legal equivalent to medical certification more info...






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buffalo personal injury attorney law J. Michael Hayes is the author of Liens vs. Subrogation.  This is the book that lawyers  use to help them force "lien" holders into resolving their own claims of subrogation.  It demonstrates how to speed up resolutions and simplify the hastles and delays caused by the Medicare "Super" Lien, Medicaid  as well as other types of "liens" on plaintiffs recoveries.  This is an extremely contentious and evolving area of the law and the issues discussed impact almost all personal injury cases. The goal of the attorney is to maximize and expedite the client’s recovery while simultaneously protecting himself from claims, sometime years later, of failing to satisfy a “lien”.

Practitioners may contact Mr. Hayes or his office to obtain a copy of this work.   more info...




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